About Us

We cannot be indifferent and ignore what is happening in the World. The World is becoming smaller and smaller, people of different nations and religions travel, learn and work. Everything happens faster and faster now. But on the other hand, many conflicts are rising.

Recently I heard about a very sick child and I wondered about the difference between suffering for the parents, whether it is different for other believes, suffering should be the same, as well as love for your beloved ones, since we all have the same roots as human beings. Where is the difference, if we care for our loved ones, children, parents, and grandparents it is the same? Is it something natural inscribed in our lives no matter where we come from?

So why do we have all those conflicts, if no one wants death.

There is only one God. Different nations, different religions understand him in different ways, but we should have one goal to serve him and what follows, love and forgiveness for every person in the world.

Our God is the lord and creator. No one has a right to decide about birth, life, and death of any human being, anyone who is trying to decide on these issues puts himself above God!

This UnitedTruth.eu initiative aims to provide a social platform for people to break through these religious and cultural differences and come together as all Children loved by God to pray for their needs and peace. Nobody doubts that most people in the world want peace and respect for their faith and religions. Let us all pray to the God, the only Truth, Way, and Life for the Blessing for all of us.

We invite everyone to participate and vote for peace and pray with us for global peace and for each other in our big ecumenical team.

Please Feel free to send us your opinions and testimonials, and please participate actively in the project and its future development. We are just at the beginning…

My dear God, exalted in power and blessed,
You have created all the people and every one individually,
You have created us for freedom, peace and love,
You have given us infinite goodness and blessings.
Today I want to give you glory and honour.
We praise you for my family, friends and every human being.
I praise you for inspiring us toward Goodness,
Your name is our healing from all sickness,.
No one is able to say your name without your will,
Nobody can do good without You.
Without You, I am nothing and capable of evil.
My Lord, I give you today all my life and the lives of all those who want to pray with us for peace and for each other.
I give you everyone and I ask you to enter his life, his all relations and heal everything in our life’s,