Easter is a time of hope for people all over the world. 

It is a reminder that, no matter what hardships we may have been through, what crosses we may had to carry, what disappointments we may have had to face, all that can change because Jesus rose from the dead and has given us new life. Jesus overcame death so that we might not despair but live.

Coronavirus has upended the lives and lifestyles of people all over the planet, rich or poor, citizens or migrants, corporations or small businesses, temples or churches, male or female. No one has been spared. But there is hope here too because the Easter Christ guarantees that this pandemic “too shall pass.”

On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and with Jesus the resurrection of all who believe in Him. We have been raised up from spiritual atrophy and entrapment in a world of evil, prejudice, malice, viciousness and selfishness. We have been set free of those chains of sin when we accept Jesus who rose from the dead so that we might live with Him. What a reason to rejoice. What a reason for giving thanks to God for such a blessed hope and wonderful new day!

The Easter message is a call to joy, a joy that is internal in spite of circumstances like the coronavirus pandemic. It is the biblical shout of Hallelujah because Christ is risen. It is the good news that Jesus preached while He walked the earth. Accept the Gospel, work with it, not against it, and you will be free. Nothing can harm you with God on your side. The bible tells us that God created human nature, and that it was good. But, the bible tells us that human nature without the renewing grace of God is faulty. Not that the world we live in or the people we live with are necessarily bad, but the world and the people in it are not fulfilled without the goodness of God who sent His son that we might be saved. 

The Easter message shows what can happen when people of good will give God a chance. God can raise us up if we let Him. He can raise us up right now, give us new life, help us to fight the good fight, make us whole, and fill us with joy, deep and penetrating.

Be glad for the simple signs of life we so often take for granted. The simple joy of rising in the morning to a hopeful new day. The precious gift of friends who are tried and true. The graceful lives of generous and compassionate people reaching out to those in need. The remarkable heroism of care-givers all over the world risking their lives so others might live. 

Do not fail to pray for theses angels of mercy this Easter.


—Fr. Hugh Duffy