The Tavush Regional Children’s choir which was founded on the 24th October 2015 by the conductor, co-founder and President of the Armenian Choral Conductors’ Association NGO- Christina Sheroyan, with the full support of the Bishop of the Armenian Apostolic Church Diocese of the Tavush, Province in Armenia.

Tavush is a province in the northeast on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. It is an area of high confrontation a place where gun fire can be heard on a daily bases, the towns and villages are in a permanent awareness of danger with their neighbors, where there are schools, homes and places where families with children walk and live on both side of the border.

During rehearsal of the Christmas concert, Christina brought to the choir a new song and arrangement called ” Peace Song ” written and composed by Hripsime Khrimyan. The children liked this song so much that they started to sing and learn it straight away. The new song/arrangement was very inspiring and made people think of how to bring peace to both countries. With help they started to work on a video for the song. Their goal was to try to show a way how to stop the conflict and to bring peace through music, singing and art. They wanted to demonstrate to the World what is more important ‘’PEACE’’. Sometimes the simplest things are the only and the best way for the children and the people to tried to change the attitude of others to go in another direction. Music has no religion no outside influence and is the best way to bring peace and share beautiful music and lyrics, where the disagreements will fade into oblivion.

The new arrangement of the song was made in England by Artur Bobikyan and the video of the song was recorded and made at the Sharm Holding studio in Yerevan.

In the video it shows the tension and uncertainness at the border, which can be seen in the villages, churches and schools, danger is ever present. The “Peace Song from the border to the world” has a very important message not only to the neighbors but also to the whole world divided by religious and nationalistic conflicts.

It also has become a hymn for Tavush Diocese Children choir.

Please watch the video, share it and stay with us.