It is wonderful that a group of people from different backgrounds and religions have come together to pray together for peace in our world. One of the greatest threats to world peace in our times is the irrational hatred among religious bodies, one for another. The fact that all religions profess belief in one God as Creator of all mankind, does not seem to prevent religious hatred among believers. Why is this? This is a critical question, and there are perhaps as many irrational answers as there are misguided believers. United Truth, however, offers an imaginative solution to this present-day problem; namely, Get as many believers from as many different religions as possible to pray that God gift everyone with His peace. Peace is a gift; it is an attitude of harmony with all our fellow travelers on this planet. God will bestow it upon us if we open our hearts to receive it. We need to wage peace the way ruthless people wage war.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, “Jesus says, “for their’s is the kingdom of heaven.” Let me join with United Truth in praying with all people of good will to spread peace in our world. Let us begin first with ourselves by putting our own house in order, and by eradicating from our lives anything that undermines true peace.

We can begin by accepting others who are different to us, by agreeing to disagree provided it does not harm the common good. We can surround ourselves with those who support us and work for peace in their communities. to promote world peace.

Father Hugh Duffy, PhD, USA